A few days ago the news jumped on a Chinese portal that Xiaomi would have patented a micro SD card that would also work as a SIM card, that is, a kind of Xiaomi micro SD+SIM hybrid memory card.

Some smartphone manufacturers advertise their terminals as dual SIM, however, in some cases, you must sacrifice expanding your phone's memory with a micro SD card if you want to use two SIMs, since they share the slot. Other terminals, on the other hand, have 3 trays, one for the micro SD and the other two for the dual SIM.


    The Super SIM, a micro SD and SIM (2 in 1)

    This new SuperSIM, microSD+SIM memory card, It would be ideal to face the first situation. In a single tray or slot we could have the SIM and the micro SD to expand the memory of the phone.

    This new card would also be useful for all those terminals that do not have a micro SD slot, since in this way they could see their memory expanded, as is the case with the recently presented Xiaomi Mi 10 5Gwhich unfortunately does not have a slot to add micro SD cards.

    Some media try to make us see that micro SD cards are no longer necessary due to the large amount of internal memory with which the new terminals come. However, I believe that they are more necessary than ever, since:

    • Every time we install more applications and their updates in the internal memory
    • Mobile cameras are advancing and photos are taking up more memory (best memory cards for photography)
    • Phones have started to record slow motion and 4K videos in many cases (and let's not talk about the future Samsung S20, a terminal capable of recording in 8K resolution. It is estimated that just 1 minute of 8K video from the S20 will occupy about 600 MB .)
    • In a short time we will have 5G between us and huge data transfers in record time

    From my point of view, the use of micro SD memory cards in mobile phones is not only justified, but also necessary.

    Source: www.ithome.com

    How is the SuperSIM SIM card and micro SD from Xiaomi?

    In reality, the patent seems simple, what Xiaomi intends is to convert the tiny memory of the SIM card (in which we can barely store a few contacts) into several GB of capacity.

    What advantages does such a card have?

    Of course, a hybrid card would be the solution to expand the memory in phones that do not have a micro SD slot. There are terminals without micro SD, without a SIM slot, no.

    Opinion on Super SIM, micro SD+SIM

    I personally believe that such a card would be beneficial for those terminals that do not have the option of using a micro SD. However, the industry is betting on the eSIM, which is already present in some smartphones and smartwatches, such as the Amazfit Xiaomi Nexo or the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. Yes finally the virtual SIM card is imposed, it would no longer be necessary to equip the phones with SIM trays.

    In this case, Xiaomi's hybrid SIM + micro SD card would not make sense, unless the Chinese opt for this format and use it in their terminals.

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