SanDisk has the official 128 GB memory card for Nintendo Switch for sale since March 9 Apex Legends.

SanDisk cooperated with Respawn Entertainment to develop this 128GB memory card that is officially endorsed by Nintendo and featuring the Apex Legends theme for Nintendo Switch.

In the technical section, we can comment that it reaches transfer rates of up to 100 MB/s for reading and writing speeds of up to 90 MB/s so, as expected, it is perfect for expanding the memory of your console.

It has an approximate price of $24.99 but you can check the real and updated price in the link below.

This memory card provides an ideal storage expansion solution for Wildlands gamers and fighters, adding 128GB to your console for installing games and DLC.


According to the official website of Nintendo North America, Apex Legends game for Nintendo Switch needs "at least" 30 GB of free storage space on the console. Although in the Nintendo eShop it was possible to see that the free EA video game weighs 15.2 GB, in the description of the game it is announced that the total amount will exceed 30 GB (remember that the console only has about 25 GB free without the operating system...). This is probably due to the fact that additional patches or content packs will gradually appear, as has already happened in many other digital games.

Once again, it is clear that if you want to enjoy the new Nintendo Switch titles, you need a good memory card. And of course this is also compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite.


And you, are you looking forward to playing Apex Legends on Nitendo Switch? Leave us your comments! And don't forget to take a look at our article on which are the best memory cards for Nintendo Switch.