It is becoming more and more common to mount security cameras at home or companies and dash cam in cars. To have a camera constantly recording on a memory card, we need it to be resistant and durable.

To satisfy the market niche of memory cards for surveillance cameras, Western Digital launched to the European market the micro SD WD Purple SC.


This range of micro SD cards from Western Digital are specifically designed for use in security systems, video surveillance or backup storage. The best micro SD card for surveillance cameras must be optimized to record surveillance video 24/7 so that homes, cars and security system companies can count on it to support the continuous and demanding workload that video surveillance entails.

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    Western Digital Purple Micro SD Features

    Its technical characteristics are the following:

    • Ultra-resistance for continuous operation (up to 1000 PE cycles)
    • Optimized for 24/7 video surveillance cameras
    • Storage from 32 GB to 512 GB
    • Resistant to all types of weather, humidity and temperatures from -25 ° to 85 ° C that allows use indoors and outdoors
    • Local backup storage in case of failure and continuous recording
    • Supports card status monitoring for preventive maintenance (you will need cameras that support this functionality)
    • Advanced 96-layer 3D NAND technology


    The micro SD WD Purple support the function of "health monitoring". Thanks to this function, in compatible cameras, you will be able to control the health status of the cards and generate reports that reports to know the general status of the card. These reports allow users and professional system installers to make a Preventive Maintenance to keep the card in perfect condition and anticipate a possible recording failure.

    Western Digital Purple micro SD capabilities for surveillance cameras

    In the past, security cameras had poor resolution and the video bitrate was very low. It is increasingly common to find home security cameras with Full HD and 4K resolution. By 2023, video surveillance cameras with 4K resolution are expected to account for more than 25% of the fleet.

    As the use of high-resolution cameras increases, cameras need more storage capacity for videos. The bit rate of a 4K recording is almost 6x higher than Full HD. Western Digital Purple micro SDs are class 10 and reach speeds of up to 80 MB/s read and 50 MB/s sequential write.

    This memory card in micro SD format is available in capacities ranging from 32GB in its smallest version to 512GB in its top of the range version. They all meet the same specifications and are optimized for high durability even in systems that are running 24 hours a dayeven withstanding adverse conditions in terms of temperature and humidity for outdoor use:

    • MicroSD Western Digital Purple 32GB
    • MicroSD Western Digital Purple 64GB
    • MicroSD Western Digital Purple 128GB
    • MicroSD Western Digital Purple 256GB

    WD Purple Security Camera Cards Price

    Generally, products designed for 24/7 operation are more typical of the business environment. This type of memory cards have some regulations and much stricter manufacturing requirements than those of products intended for the consumer market. This is because they are usually more expensive than the domestic versions.

    wd-purple-microsd-video surveillance

    Western Digital knows that there are more and more houses and cars with this type of cameras and has wanted to bring the WD Purple range to the public at a competitive pricetaking into account that they are designed for security and video surveillance devices of continuous and exhaustive use.


    Not only Western Digital has special memory cards for security cameras. SanDisk, Kingston or Samsung have ranges of resistant cards designed for professional or intensive use.

    SanDisk Max Endurance

    SanDisk High Endurance

    Kingston Endurance

    Samsung PRO Endurance

    Western Digital Purple Hard Drives

    The new Western Digital Purple micro SD card completes a comprehensive portfolio of data storage devices specifically designed for today's surveillance needs.

    WD Purple hard drives for high-capacity support for NVRs and DVRs, and the Ultrastar series of hard drives for use in back-end servers performing surveillance analytics, provide surveillance system integrators and installers with a complete solution for capture, preserve, access and transform surveillance data.

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