In this article we analyze the Micro SD Kingston Canvas Select Plus 128GB.

You already know that micro SD memory cards are the best way to increase the internal memory capacity of devices such as your smartphone or tablet, and that they are also present in game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, or action camcorders such as GoPro.

Choosing a good memory card seems trivial, but it is a bad decision if we do not make the right purchase. An inadequate card can reduce the user experience, since it can slow down the performance of your device, or what is more serious, cause us to lose our photos and videos in the event of a serious failure.

For this reason, at we always recommend memory cards from recognized brands such as Kingstonwhich is the brand that concerns us.


    Kingston Canvas Select Plus tested

    Ever since these new Kingston micro SD cards were released, we wanted to try them out. They caught our attention due to their price and features, so to test and review them, we bought the Kingston Canvas Select Plus 128 GB micro SD taking advantage of an Amazon offer.

    series memory cards Kingston Canvas Select Plus They are a great storage solution to increase the performance and capacity of our devices at low cost. As you will see later in the review they have a great quality/price ratio.



    Let's take a look at the specifications of these cards. This range of flash memory is made up of 6 models with different capacities, ranging from 16 to 512GB. All of them guarantee the minimum speed of class 10.

    • Format: microSDXC
    • Capacities: 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512GB
    • Class and BUS: class 10, BUS UHS-I U3
    • Reading speed: up to 100MB/sec
    • Write speed: up to 85MB/sec
    • Usage temperature: between -25º and 85º



    In the review we put the 128 GB model to the test. We have tested it on a DSLR camera recording at a high bitrate in 1080 to check its video recording capacity. We also tested it by recording 4K video on a Samsung Galaxy S8 and our GoPro. And finally, we tested the transfer speed between the card and our test rig, equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM and a Samsung Evo 840 SSD.

    His performance has been remarkable very satisfying. Without a doubt, the card offers the figures that Kingston announces and not only that, but it far exceeds the minimum performance values ​​that the UHS (Ultra High Speed) specifications require to wear that seal.

    speed test

    According to Kingston statements, these micro SD cards from the Canvas Select Plus Kingston range "is it so optimized for use with Android devices». Kingston's intentions with this series of microSD cards are clear. They are mainly designed to expand the memory of your Android mobile phone at low cost, so let's try them on an Android smartphone!

    To analyze the speed of this micro SD card we use a Samsung Galaxy S8 and the apps SD Card Test Y A1 SD Bench. The micro SD model is 128 GB.

    SD Card Test

    With the SD Card Test app, the result obtained is 49MB/s write and 81MB/s read.


    A1 SD Bench

    The results that the same card gives us with the A1 SD Bench app are somewhat different, and although we have carried out the test a couple of times, the results with this app are the same. It may be due to the app itself or to some lack of optimization between the app and the smartphone. In no case do we believe that it is a problem with the card.

    The speeds we achieved in this test are 20.61 MB/s for writing and 62.53 MB/s for reading. Some values ​​much lower than those achieved with other tests, and that are a bit far from reality, since the card yields higher rates without problems.

    kingston-canvas-select-plus-speed-testPrices and opinions

    The best price we found in Spain is on Amazon. You can buy the 16 GB model from just 3.99 $. The most expensive model is, unsurprisingly, the 512GB one. It is on sale for about 61.90 $.

    • Kingston Canvas Select Plus micro SD 16GB: 6.42 $
    • Kingston Canvas Select Plus micro SD 32GB: $ 6.89
    • Kingston Canvas Select Plus micro SD 64GB: $ 9.50
    • Kingston Canvas Select Plus micro SD 128GB: 16.40 $
    • Kingston Canvas Select Plus micro SD 256GB: 36.07 $
    • Kingston Canvas Select Plus micro SD 512GB: 61.90 $

    The one that seems more balanced and economical Taking into account the price/GB ratio, it is the version that we tested, the 128 GB version that costs around 18 euros.

    Currently this card has more than 4800 reviews with an average of 4.6 points on Amazon. You can check real customer reviews here, and if you already have your Kingston Canvas, leave us your experience in the comments!


    for their featureshis velocitythe lifetime warranty of Kingston and for his pricethe Kingston Canvas Select Plus definitely deserves our seal of recommended product 🏆



    In favor

    • Quality/price ratio
    • Large size at low cost
    • Good overall performance
    • lifetime warranty


    • Low random write speed
    reading speed
    write speed
    Warranty and manufacturer