When you buy a memory card from some dodgy online store, you run the risk of being sold a fake card. You have to pay attention to the little details distinguish fake micro sd cardsbecause they are practically the same as the original ones.

Are fake sd cards they are aesthetically the same (almost). The problem comes when you try to write, copy or modify any data inside the card. The fake memory cards They are slow and unreliable. "Nobody gives hard four pesetas."

In this article I will teach you How to differentiate fake memory cards.


    How to differentiate a fake card from an original?

    After choosing the camera, professional and amateur photographers often find out which is the best memory card for photography. One of the biggest concerns in the photography community is fake memory cards that are for sale in numerous online stores. But not only are they for sale in stores of dubious reputation, but there have been cases of fake micro SD memories for sale on Amazon, eBay or Aliexpress. Some vendors offer fake, unbranded SD cards that look like popular memory cards like Samsung, Lexar, or Sandisk.


    But this is not a problem that only affects photographers, because a fake SD card can ruin the user experience on a smartphone, a game console or any other electronic device.


    Distinguish fake micro SD from original

    The main problem with these fake memory cards is that they do not have the capacity that they advertise, many times they cause loss of data stored on them and it is not even possible to recover them.

    For all this, it is very important that you pay special attention when buying memory cards and know how to distinguish a fake SD or microSD from an original one, differentiate between a fake and an official one, in short, that you do not get caught in the wrong. Always be wary of excessively cheap cards.

    These are the main problems of fake memory cards:

    fake brand

    When they try to sell you a fake card, the first thing they try to do is make it aesthetically the same as the original ones. Sometimes it is difficult to identify them, because the copies are really good.

    The fact that it is not an official card means that the card does not have a guarantee, since the manufacturer will not take responsibility for the card in case there is a problem.


    Check out people's ratings and comments before you buy!



    Counterfeit memory cards differ from genuine memory cards in that they do not have the advertised capacity. Many times they have the firmware modified so that when you put it in your device it reads the size offered, but as soon as you copy a couple of GB the card reaches its limit and does not allow more information to be stored.

    Slow read/write speed

    This is the biggest problem of buying a fake micro SD card. Fake cards never have the speed they advertise. They are usually low quality cards and barely reach 10 MB/s in many cases.


    Apps to check if your memory card is fake

    How to know if a card is fake with Windows

    One of the ways to check if a card is fake is to check the read and write speed. To do a speed test you can use free tools such as h2testw. This application is used to check the reading and writing speed of any memory device, such as memory cards, pen drives or HDD and SSD hard drives.

    How to know if a card is fake with Android

    To identify fake memory cards on Android you can use the "SD Insight" app. It is a very simple, basic and free application. You can download it from Google Play here and it is used to find out basic information about the card: manufacturer, model, capacity, etc.