Today SD and microSD cards are present in a wide variety of devices and are mainly used for data storage.

Unfortunately, there are many fake SD and microSD cards for sale on the Internet, usually at very low prices. And do not think that it is something exclusive to foreign stores or of dubious reputation. Even in trusted stores like Amazon we have come to detect cards of this type for sale. That is why you should be vigilant and be wary of cards with large capacities at ridiculous prices, to help you you can follow these tips to avoid fake memory cards.


    Avoid buying fake SD cards

    Once you have purchased the card you may see that its capacity or performance was not as expected. With this list of free applications and tools you can test the card yourself in search of problems.

    Sometimes these fake SD cards don't even have names, but sometimes they're pretty slick fakes from well-known and trusted brands.

    The most common way a store sells fake cards is to declare an incorrect card capacity. For example, a card is advertised as 256 GB, but is actually only 4 GB. In some cases, the card corrupts the data, rendering it unusable and causing you to lose all your data.

    free apps for sd card test

    Fortunately, there are several free tools to test the speed and capacity of SD cards.



    H2testw is an application that has been around for a long time and for good reason. It is a very reliable tool and capable of measuring the true capacity of an SD or MicroSD card, as well as its reading and writing speed.

    The only drawback of H2testw is that it is quite old. This means that the software is not optimized to be used on high capacity cards. Despite this, H2testw will work with any size memory card, but it may take a little longer to complete the tests.

    Download H2testw

    H2testw was originally developed by a German software engineer. It doesn't even need installation, downloading the program is simple, once downloaded, all you have to do is run it. H2testw is only available on Windows; however, it can run on Linux and Mac through a virtual machine.



    If you are looking for something faster than H2testw you should try FakeFlashTest. This tool is very similar to H2testw in that it writes data to the SD card both to determine the read and write speed and to verify its capacity.

    🔴 Is very IMPORTANT that you know that the quick test mode is destructive, which means that any data on the card will be deleted. There is an option to test a card without data loss, although it takes much longer to complete. Please back up your data before trying this tool.

    FakeFlashTest has the advantage of being able to do quick tests. In this mode the tool writes and reads 512 bytes of data in random sectors of the card. This allows for much faster test results, which is especially ideal for higher capacity cards.

    Download Fake Flash Test



    While both FakeFlashTest and H2testw write data to the SD card to determine its capacity, ChipGenius does not write any data. Instead, ChipGenius checks the card manufacturer's information as well as the storage information that is recorded on the SD card itself.

    With these data, the application crosses the information with its database and shows you the results. For example, if you have bought a supposed 64GB SanDisk, but ChipGenius informs you that it is actually another brand and only 8GB in capacity, you have obviously been duped. This is a quick and easy check, as the application does not need to write or read data.

    Download ChipGenius

    Unfortunately, selling fake SD cards is big business. This means that shady sellers and counterfeits are becoming more sophisticated and elaborate, allowing them to deceive more easily. For this reason, ChipGenius cannot detect all the fake cards that are circulating for sale, but only the badly programmed ones.

    If you know of any other tools that you think should be in this article, you can leave them to us in the comments!