In this article we are going to analyze which are the best Micro SD memory cards for Steam Deck and which ones you should avoid to expand the capacity of the Steam Deck console.

It seems that the Steam Deck begins to reach the hands of the first lucky ones. Apart from the reviews that we can see of the Valve video console, many users suggest that it may need some extra storage in the short term, since the cheapest model of Steam Deck has only 64 GB of capacity.

The good news is that Steam Deck has a Micro SD card slot, and as you will see later, it offers speeds similar to those of the internal flash memory itself.


    What types of Micro SD cards does Steam Deck accept?

    The Steam Deck uses Micro SD memory cardsand according to the project's official website, Valve's video game console is compatible with the types of memory cards Micro SD, SDHC and SDXC. The data bus is UHS-I.

    If you want to know more information about the differences between the types and formats of Micro SD, I recommend that you take a look at our 👉🏼 shopping guide.


    What should you take into account when buying a memory card for Steam Deck?

    Mainly three aspects must be taken into account:

    1. The speed of reading and writing
    2. The capacity
    3. The price

    What maximum capacity does the Steam Deck accept?

    Since it accepts any of the three current Micro SD formats, we know that the game console is compatible with any type of micro SD card regardless of your capacity, so we have no limitation in that regard.

    Today The most common memory cards are Micro SDXCwhich are those that range from 32 GB to 2 TB of capacity.

    Our recommendation is that you look for a credit card between 256GB and 1TB.


    What read and write speed should the Micro SD for Steam Deck have?

    An important fact that we must know to choose the best micro SD card for Steam Deck is the read and write speed. This is a key fact, since if we buy a very slow memory card it will negatively affect the loading speed of the games.

    The higher the read speed that the card achieves, the shorter the wait times to load the games, in the same way that the higher the maximum write rate, the shorter the times it takes for the console to write the games. data, such as games or downloads.

    According to PC Gamer, the difference between the load times of the console with a Micro SD and internal flash SSDare almost nil, if you choose your memory card well.

    Channels Linus Tech Tips and The Phawx analyzed the speed of the Steam Deck and found that on the 64GB version, game load times from the micro SD were nearly identical to those from the SSD for games like Control, Dead Cells, and Street. Fighter 5. In some cases, the difference in loading time from the micro SD card was only 2 seconds slower, while in other titles there was no difference at all.

    And not only that, but Lawrence Yang himself, a Valve employee, confirmed it on Twitter:

    Games will play faster if they're on the Steam Deck's internal storage, but if they're from the SD card, they'll play just fine.


    Best Micro SD Memory Cards for Steam Deck

    Today it is common to find cards that exceed 150Mb/s of reading, but due to the UHS-I bus of the console we will not be able to exceed those figures theoretically. Due to this restriction on cards with said bus, although it is true that there are cards with UHS-3 bus whose price is equal to or lower, so in the review you will be able to find some of these. The UHS-3 are backwards compatible with UHS-I.

    After knowing the technical data of the console, let's get down to business. These are the most recommended Micro SD cards for Steam Deck:

    Micro SD for Steam Deck 512GB

    Micro SD for Steam Deck 1TB

    What file system does the microSD card use on the Steam Deck?

    To use a Micro SD card in the Steam Deck it must be formatted in ext4. This format removes the distinction between upper and lower case. But you don't need to worry about this, as the Steam Deck itself formats the card appropriately for its needs.


    Advantages of having a Micro SD on Steam Deck

    Not only expanding the capacity of the console is an advantage of having a Micro SD installed on Steam Deck. Another advantage is that of being able to install an operating system on it and choose which one to start with thanks to the dual boot from the BIOS.


    The different versions of the Steam Deck vary according to their storage capacity, with 64 GB being the basic model and 512 GB being the most expensive. However, seeing the reading speed achieved with memory cards, everything seems to indicate that it will be quite interesting to opt for the basic model and then add a micro SD card with a good storage capacity.

    And you, have you already tried the Steam Deck? Tell us in the comments about your experience with Micro SD for Steam Deck.